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My role

Sr. Product Designer


4 people




3 months


UX, Research, Design System


In 2020 we were living difficult times because of the pandemic and the lockdow. I landed to London just 6 months befor all it started. I was feeling not confident about my skills and I needed a mentor. I found out that it was difficult to find a mentor. From that point I decided to make a new product which simplify the mentor finding. It was a concept and I've almost started buillding it with a team of 4 firends. 

Research  & Strategy

I conducted thorough initial research, delving into competitor analysis, user journeys from both expert and mentee perspectives, as well as technology and design considerations. Building upon this foundational knowledge, I took on the comprehensive task of developing the entire app and crafting its distinctive brand identity.

My activities

IA analysis
User research

User flows
Competitor analysis

Accessibility check
Final design


Design System

I started by defining the core UI components, like buttons, typography, colour palettes, and form elements, after thorough research. I meticulously documented each component's functionality and usage guidelines. Next, I established a set of design guidelines and principles to ensure system-wide consistency, covering aspects like accessibility, responsiveness, and interaction patterns.


Exprtees is a platform aimed at connecting individuals seeking mentorship and guidance with experienced mentors. The app matches users with the most suitable mentors based on their skills, goals, and objectives. The app also allows users to book audio/video calls with their mentors.



I created prototypes for every stage of development - MVP 1, MVP 2, and full flows - using Figma. These prototypes helped us refine our product. We presented this work to a potential investor, showcasing our commitment to a user-centric approach.

Next Project


Profile redesign

A new profile experience that is less superficial, while keeping the "swiping game" enjoyable.


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